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When data meets automation,
Funnely delivers optimization.

Campaign Reports
ROI focused
Funnel Cascade Reporting
Attribution Model
Campaign Reporting

Drive More Sales:

Funnely’s data-driven technology ensures you only pay for the highest-performing ads across your sales funnel, your results will skyrocket. Improve your ROI by lowering your cost-per-client acquisition while scaling sales and the LTV of your customers!


ROI focused

Your return on investment is a key metric in Funnely’s dashboard. You can share your impressive results with other functions in your company with ready-to-use reports.

Funnel Cascade Reporting

Check the health of your sales funnel at every level. See the big picture or dig into each specific campaign, adset, ad or placement. Improve results by making changes in seconds.

Attribution Model

One of Facebook’s biggest advantages is the ability to link actions to users instead of using cookies.You can track and target the same user across all their browsers and devices as long as they are signed in to Facebook.