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Campaign Creation
Prospecting vs Retargeting
Dynamic Product Ads
Smart Ad Types
Campaign creation

Save time:

Facebook Ad automation is a must for ecommerce marketers these days. Save time and maximize efficiency on the campaign creation process by avoiding repetitive manual tasks in PowerEditor. Funnely pulls data from your ecommerce site, which allows its system to automatically pre-set thousands of ads for you.


Relevant Prospecting vs. Granular Retargeting

Lookalike audiences based on your customers will feed your funnel with qualified leads and tag visitors based on their actions on your site afterwards. This way, you’all avoid double messages, bidding against yourself, and overspending on the same user. The Facebook pixel and its standard events are supported by Funnely.

Smart Placements

Increasing the effectiveness of your cross-device campaigns is crucial. For example, your mobile Facebook News Feed and Instagram ads may perform great on top-funnel campaigns, but Desktop or Right-hand column campaigns could yield a higher ROI for retargeting campaigns.


Ads can be created for a variety of countries, states or areas to help cater specific messaging to audiences around the globe. Funnely has helped many brands boost their localization efforts.


Smart Ad Types

You can create and test thousands of ad creative combinations in a few clicks. Simply choose a campaign template for each level of the sales funnel. Each template is pre-defined with parameters designed for higher conversion rates and lower costs-per-conversion.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

DPA is a cross-device retargeting solution supported by Funnely. It helps promote your entire product catalog (only on in-stock SKUs) to your product’s visitors, including cross-selling and up-selling.