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Customer Success Stories

Moxie Jeans
Moxie Jeans

"I love this analysis your platform provided!"

Sharon S.

Head of Ecommerce
at MoxieJean
(Acquired by
STORY Save money, time and the planet!

Moxie Jean was founded by two modern, busy moms who wanted to save time, save money and save the planet, but they didn't want to sacrifice style to do so. By providing a curated, stylish selection of like-new kids' clothes at consignment sale prices, Moxie Jean makes it easy to keep up with fast-growing little bodies.

GOAL Increase sales

Moxie Jean wanted to increase their sale by showing their 80.000 product catalog to every mom in US.

SOLUTION Dynamic Product Ads

With the help of Facebook Marketing Partner Funnely, Moxie Jean started to work with dynamic product ads. Not until then, that the company was able to promote every one of their 80.000 items from their product catalog dynamically, targeting the right person with the right product. Uploading the product catalog feed, Facebook was able to pull relevant product information to set up the content of the ads. And using a dynamic retargeting, helped Moxie Jean to target users who visited a product on their website. Having more than 80.000 items, this task was impossible to be done manually. As a result, Moxie Jean had dynamically create ads based on a specific product a user viewed and was able to push them thru the funnel, nurturing them from first interest through to sale. It’s important to consider that Moxie Jean has just one item of every product displayed on the website; so being able to inform Facebook if the product was or not in stock, was very useful. If a product was out of stock, Facebook didn’t show it, which means that there was no waste on adspending.

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